Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chierr's Greeting Card - Gallery 1

It has been busy for so long since Chierr Diary ever started.
Joining bazaar, doing crafts, bazaar, crafts, design our booth, blogging, knowing new friends from bazaar and blogging again....doing all this non-stop untill I nearly collapsed.
But, I really feel happy and satisfied by doing all this. I never thought that I can really actually create something and transform them to realistic. All of them are my lovely babies. And I appreciate so much for people who really like my creations and willing to bring them back.

Here are some of the handmade greeting cards adopted during Art for Grabs September 2009.
Flowery series-spring scene

Happy Birthday Card

Scenary series - day scene

And the greeting cards adopted during Joujou & Shugi Toy Art Market period.
Flowery series-spring scene

Flowery series-spring scene

Scenary series- day scene

Tree series- day scene

Thank you so much!!

Another Friendship Mierr!!

Our friend of Chierr, Michelle, also falls in love in our charming check check MIERR.
So, another check check Mierr was born into the world!
And this colour combination suits her very much!!

check check Mierr key chain @ MYR19.00
(adopted, remake possible)

Our Friendship MIERR!!

check check Mierr key chain @ MYR19.00
(adopted, remake possible)
Our dearest friend, Louise,
specially ordered this check check MIERR after she saw the first one. So I make a brand new one by trying a new stitch and flower colour combination.
But why orange flower??
Because she likes ORANGE!!

Chierr's Flowery Brooch-Gallery 1

Hello everybody!
Just wanna share with you for my very first few flowery brooches adopted during Art For Grabs September 2009 and Joujou & Shugi Toy Art Market (October 2009).
Flowery fabric series brooch

Jeans series brooch

Another Jeans series brooch

More brooch designs will be out soon!
Keep in touch with us!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flowery Brooches In Progress...

Just wanna let you know....
I'm working very hard on my flowery brooch series and you will see the completed one very soon!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

miao~~I Am Check Check MIERR!!

Mierr's Key Chain
Size: 80mm W x 103mm H (Mierr's body only)

(adopted, remake possible)

miao~~I Am Shy Shy MIERR!!

Mierr's Key Chain
Size: 80mm W x 93mm H (Mierr's body only)

miao~~I Am Green Dot MIERR!!

Mierr's Key Chain
Size: 80mm W x 93mm H (Mierr's body only)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Special Love For Tina

Chierr has received a custom made order from En.Badri, to design an anniversary card for his lovely wife, Tina.

I roughly sketch out the cover for En Badri approval before proceeding with cutting. he has also request a a same design as one of my existing card.

Due to the urgency, the anniversary card was completed on next day and it was sent to him by hand to eCurve.

He looks very happy with the card and even borrowed a pen from me to put some words on the internal page.

He must be writing this on the card:

"Dear Tina, this is the scenery that I want to bring to you as we travel through our life journey. Can you feel my love to you?"

亲爱的,你看到了吗? sweet it is ...

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hi dearies, please take note that Chierr Diary will not be at Joujou & Shugi Toy Art Mart today due to unforeseen circumstances. Very sorry the short notice.

However we had a great time at the eCurve yesterday, meeting lot's of new & interesting friends from our neighbour. Here are some photos taken during our bazaar.

Chierr Diary's booth setting

Jocelyn & Chierr's fan

Soo Mei & June

Friday, October 2, 2009

Joujou & Shugi Toy Art Mart

Going anywhere this weekend? If you do not have any plan yet, why not join us and have some fun at eCurve. There will be lots of handmade products like jewelries, trinkets, cloths, toys and many more.