Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black Princess Mierr Key Chain 001

Black Princess Mierr

You, I mean YOU!
How dare you looking at me in this way!!
I'm the princess of the world! You should respect me and listen to me always!
If you still looking at me like this, I'll ask my dad to punish you!!
I mean it!

NOW, I'm going to shop some clothes for Christmas party.
You better to sew more accessories for me to match my dinner dress!

This hot tempered princess Mierr key chain was made of PU.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Black Black Mier Cell Phone Hanger 001

Hello everybody!
I'm black black Mierr.
Actually...this is the very first colour design combination created by Jocelyn.
And now, is my turn to show off!!

You can now hang me on your cell phone and I'll follow everywhere!!

Black Black Mierr handphone hanger @MYR 23.00
made of PU

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mierr grew up!!!

Hello everybody, I'm Mierr.
I was created by Jocelyn to accompany my best friend, Chierr.
That was few months ago.

And now....

I'm a big girl already!!

Yeah Yeah!!!


And I know how to make overand dress up nicely to please myself everyday already.

I will be happy always :)


** The bigger Mierr is available for key chain design. Mierr's cell phone hanger will be developed based on the original size of Mierr.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stripe Stripe Mierr Key Chain 001

stripe stripe Mierr key chain
(adopted, remake possible)

This stripe stripe Mierr key chain was specially requested by
to make for one of the dance choreographer cum dancer that I admire very much, Ms Judimar.

As Louise said, Judi likes red colour very much and this colour really reflects on her character.
She is a very friendly, talkative person, and very passionate on her dancing career and promote hardly for local dance environment.

I didn't have any red colour fabric and red colour aren't my favourite colour too.
And finally, I found this red stripe cloth.
Hope she will like it.

And now, I fall in love with red colour already...

Flowery Brooch 007

Product Code: BR-FLWR-007
Size: 80mm R (flower)

This design quite suitable for both ladylike and smart casual looking style.

Flowery Brooch 004

Product Code: BR-FLWR-004
Size: 65mm R (flower), 70mm long (total length)

This design quite suitable match with dinner dress or attend any formal function.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Flowery Brooch 006

Product Code: BR-FLWR-006
Size: 95mm R (flower), 160mm long (total length)

This design quite suitable for both ladylike and smart casual looking style.