Monday, April 30, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bazaar Life again!

Hello everybody!

Sorry for not uploading any news or photo for so long. 

I was very busy with doing an very important preparation to me (not getting married la) for few months and finally it is over. Hopefully I will receive the result that I wanted as this is the biggest dream in my life. So now, it's time to back to handmade life! Anyway, after one and a half year staying in Singapore (again), I finally joined a flea market at *Scape on last Sunday with one of my best friend who loves in handmade work too.

It was a very good experience to me. Beside having a very good chat time with my old old friend while stationed at our booth (opps), I had chance to talk to organiser and slowly understand the customer's need and their requirement although we sell none of our product on that day. 

Here's some photos to share with you.

We will be joining this flea market again during Mother's Day week. Hope to see you there too :)